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병원에서 영어발표를 배울 수 있는 프로그램이 있다고 해서 참여하게 되었습니다. '영어' 강의이지만, '발표'의 전반적인 내용을 다루기 때문에, 학회에서 발표할 기회가 있을 때 구조나 구성에 많은 도움을 받았습니다.

중요한 개념과 표현을 알려준 뒤 익숙해질 때 까지 말할 수 있어서 좋았고, 특히나 기초적인 내용도 부담 없이 질문할 수 있는 게 큰 도움이 되었습니다. 매 시간 본인의 contents로 강의에 참여할 수 있기 때문에, 실제로 영어 프리젠테이션이 필요하신 분들에게 딱 맞는 강의라고 생각합니다.

서울대학교병원 Seoul National University Hospital

영어 프리젠테이션을 할 기회가 많은편이라 항상 체계적인 훈련의 필요성을 절실히 느끼고 있었습니다. 어렵게 기회가 닿아 수업을 듣게 되었고 그 내용은 기대 이상이었습니다.

수업전에는 뭐가 문제였는지도 몰랐었는데 매주 공부하면서 많은 것을 깨달았고 실제 적용 가능한 내용을 바로바로 연습을 통해 실전처럼 익힐수 있어서 매우 좋았습니다.

성실하고 끈기있게 그리고 유쾌하게 수업을 이끌어주신 원어민 선생님께도 감사드립니다.

세브란스병원 Severance Hospital

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    Courses are delivered onsite. No need to travel beyond the local hospital, campus, or other designated area.


    Courses are optimized to complete at least 1 key skill in each class. Participants will not be required to do homework, aside from having their presentation materials ready.


    Courses are optimized for groups of 4 participants maximum. This is to ensure all participants have full opportunity for skill practice, giving feedback, and receiving feedback .


    Participants are expected to show proficiency in class. Participants are given opportunities to practice, and receive 360° feedback on skills learned.


  • Essential Medical Presentations

    SAVE TIME – This is a basic framework that can be used for any presentation. Simply add your materials to the basic framework, and it is done! NO MORE SCRIPTS. NO MORE MEMORIZING.

  • 1

    Asking Questions

    - Key Questions
    - Clarifying Questions

  • 2

    Formal Q&A

    - Confirm|Answer|Confirm
    - Content vs. Structure

  • 3

    Giving Feedback

    - Sandwich Feedback
    - Presentation

  • 4

    Opening a Presentation

    - 7-point Opening
    - Making a Clear Purpose

  • 5

    Transition Language

    - Rule of Threes
    - Now|So Transitions

  • 6

    Closing a Presentation

    - 4-S Closing
    - Making an Effective Sendoff

  • 7

    Nonverbal Communication

    - Vocal Emphasis
    - Body Language

  • 8

    Delivering a Presentation

    - Guide Language
    - Spatial Orientation

  • 9

    Presenting Data

    - Using Numbers
    - Describing Trends
    - Identifying Key Points

  • 10

    Personalizing the Opening and Closing

    - Adding Context
    - Finding a Hook

  • 11

    Final Presentation

    - Presentation
    - Feedback
    - Evaluation

  • 12

    Simplifying Slides

    - One Slide|One Look|One Idea

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  • Advanced Medical Presentations

    NEXT LEVEL – Perfect your voice in the medical presentation structure. Craft an effective Title, Background, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and Thank you. PRESENT WITH CONFIDENCE.

  • 1

    Start at the End

    Why are you presenting?
    What is your Sendoff?
    Does everything point to the end?

  • 2


    Do you have a clear message?
    Is that message clear in your title?
    Do you provide sufficient detail?

  • 3


    What information will your audience need to follow your presentation?
    What is your motivation?
    Is the context clearly established?

  • 4

    Materials and Methods

    Accuracy vs. Precision
    Are the terms simple?
    Are the terms clear?
    Are the terms consistent?

  • 5


    Is there a clear message?
    Is that message clear from a glance?
    Does information flow in an intuitive manner?

  • 6


    Are the key points clearly articulated?
    Can you paraphrase key sections of the presentation?
    Is there a clear progression of information?

  • 7


    Did you accomplish your goal?
    What is your call to action?
    Have you emphasized your points well?
    Are you finishing on a high note?

  • 8

    Thank you

    Who would you like to acknowledge?
    How can you say thanks?
    How do you wrap up your presentation?

  • 9

    Advanced Q&A Techniques

    What do you do if:
    - you do not know an answer?
    - you cannot immediately answer a question?
    - there are multiple questions?
    - you have a strong disagreement with someone?
    - someone has a strong accent?

  • 10

    Final Presentation

    - Presentation
    - Feedback
    - Evaluation
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